Albert Bartlett

Club Sponsor

New Monkland, 251 Stirling Road Airdrie, ML6 7SP

At Albert Bartlett, we won’t accept anything less than wholesome, fresh and delicious potatoes. From nurturing potatoes on farms to harvesting, storing and packing them; each and every stage of the potatoes’ journey is as important as the next.

Farming has been in our blood for over 60 years and we’ve worked with some farming families for over three generations.

To ensure your potatoes reach you as fresh as the day they were harvested, we rely on our dedicated teams covering agronomy, quality assurance, production and delivery. We have four state-of-the-art production sites across the UK which are based in Airdrie, Lincolnshire, Cornwall and Jersey. Here, we continue our commitment to bringing you the best potatoes and take great care when packing.