2016/17 Greene King IPA Championship fixtures confirmed

08th July 2016

The fixtures for 2016/17 have today been revealed, and the Scots will head to Lady Bay first up to take on Nottingham on 2/3/4 September.

London Scottish will be hoping to reach beyond mid-table and achieve the same heights as in 2014/15 when they made the top four for the first time. Their first home match of the season will will be an Exile Derby against London Welsh the following weekend.

Following 22 rounds of competitive rugby the league winner will be decided by a play-off format which continues for the eighth year.

The 2016/17 British & Irish Cup fixtures have not yet been announced but the first matches played on the weekend of October 13th-15th.

Clubs will now be finalising fixture details and fixed dates will be announced soon, see the 2016/17 fixture list below.

Round 1 – 2/3/4 September
Rotherham Titans    v    London Welsh
Nottingham Rugby    v    London Scottish
Ealing Trailfinders    v    Yorkshire Carnegie
Bedford Blues        v    Cornish Pirates
Richmond        v    Jersey Reds
London Irish        v    Doncaster Knights

Round 2 – 9/10/11 September
London Scottish    v    London Welsh
London Irish        v    Richmond
Jersey Reds        v    Bedford Blues
Cornish Pirates    v    Ealing Trailfinders
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    Nottingham Rugby
Doncaster Knights    v    Rotherham Titans

Round 3 – 16/17/18 September
Rotherham Titans    v    London Scottish
London Welsh        v    Yorkshire Carnegie
Nottingham Rugby    v    Cornish Pirates
Ealing Trailfinders    v    Jersey Reds
Bedford Blues        v    London Irish
Richmond        v    Doncaster Knights

Round 4 – 23/24/25 September
Cornish Pirates    v    London Welsh
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    London Scottish
Doncaster Knights    v    Bedford Blues
London Irish        v    Ealing Trailfinders
Jersey Reds        v    Nottingham Rugby
Richmond        v    Rotherham Titans

Round 5 – 30 Sept/1/2 October
Rotherham Titans    v    Yorkshire Carnegie
London Scottish    v    Cornish Pirates
London Welsh        v    Jersey Reds
Nottingham Rugby    v    London Irish
Ealing Trailfinders    v    Doncaster Knights
Bedford Blues        v    Richmond

Round 6 – 7/8/9 October
London Irish        v    London Welsh
Jersey Reds        v    London Scottish
Cornish Pirates    v    Yorkshire Carnegie
Richmond        v    Ealing Trailfinders
Doncaster Knights    v    Nottingham Rugby
Bedford Blues        v    Rotherham Titans

Round 7 – 28/29/30 October
Rotherham Titans    v    Cornish Pirates
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    Jersey Reds
London Scottish    v    London Irish
London Welsh        v    Doncaster Knights
Nottingham Rugby    v    Richmond
Ealing Trailfinders    v    Bedford Blues

Round 8 – 4/5/6 November
Richmond        v    London Welsh
Doncaster Knights    v    London Scottish
London Irish        v    Yorkshire Carnegie
Jersey Reds        v    Cornish Pirates
Bedford Blues        v    Nottingham Rugby
Ealing Trailfinders    v    Rotherham Titans

Round 9 – 18/19/20 November
Rotherham Titans    v    Jersey Reds
Cornish Pirates    v    London Irish
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    Doncaster Knights
London Scottish    v    Richmond
London Welsh        v    Bedford Blues
Nottingham Rugby    v    Ealing Trailfinders

Round 10 – 25/26/27 November
Ealing Trailfinders    v    London Welsh
Bedford Blues        v    London Scottish
Richmond        v    Yorkshire Carnegie
Doncaster Knights    v    Cornish Pirates
London Irish        v    Jersey Reds
Nottingham Rugby    v    Rotherham Titans

Round 11 – 2/3/4 December
Rotherham Titans    v    London Irish
Jersey    Reds        v    Doncaster Knights
Cornish Pirates    v    Richmond
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    Bedford Blues
London Scottish    v    Ealing Trailfinders
London Welsh        v    Nottingham Rugby

Round 12 – 23 or 26 December
London Welsh        v    London Scottish
Nottingham Rugby    v    Yorkshire Carnegie
Ealing Trailfinders    v    Cornish Pirates
Bedford Blues        v    Jersey Reds
Richmond        v    London Irish
Rotherham Titans    v    Doncaster Knights

Round 13 – 30/31/1 January 
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    London Welsh
Doncaster Knights    v    Richmond
London Irish        v    Bedford Blues
Jersey    Reds        v    Ealing Trailfinders
Cornish Pirates    v    Nottingham Rugby
London Scottish    v    Rotherham Titans

Round 14 – 27/28/29 January
London Scottish    v    Yorkshire Carnegie
London Welsh        v    Cornish Pirates
Nottingham Rugby    v    Jersey Reds
Ealing Trailfinders    v    London Irish
Bedford Blues        v    Doncaster Knights
Rotherham Titans    v    Richmond

Round 15 – 3/4/5 February
Jersey    Reds        v    London Welsh
Cornish Pirates    v    London Scottish
Richmond        v    Bedford Blues
Doncaster Knights    v    Ealing Trailfinders
London Irish        v    Nottingham Rugby
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    Rotherham Titans

Round 16 – 17/18/19 February
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    Cornish Pirates
London Scottish    v    Jersey Reds
London Welsh        v    London Irish
Nottingham Rugby    v    Doncaster Knights
Ealing Trailfinders    v    Richmond
Rotherham Titans    v    Bedford Blues

Round 17 – 24/25/26 February 
Doncaster Knights    v    London Welsh
London Irish        v    London Scottish
Jersey    Reds        v    Yorkshire Carnegie
Bedford Blues        v    Ealing Trailfinders
Richmond        v    Nottingham Rugby
Cornish Pirates    v    Rotherham Titans

Round 18 – 3/4/5 March
Cornish Pirates    v    Jersey Reds
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    London Irish
London Scottish    v    Doncaster Knights
London Welsh        v    Richmond
Rotherham Titans    v    Ealing Trailfinders
Nottingham Rugby    v    Bedford Blues

Round 19 – 17/18/19 March 
Bedford Blues        v    London Welsh
Richmond        v    London Scottish
Doncaster Knights    v    Yorkshire Carnegie
London Irish        v    Cornish Pirates
Ealing Trailfinders    v    Nottingham Rugby
Jersey    Reds        v    Rotherham Titans

Round 20 – 24/25/26 March
Jersey    Reds        v    London Irish
Cornish Pirates    v    Doncaster Knights
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    Richmond
London Scottish    v    Bedford Blues
London Welsh        v    Ealing Trailfinders
Rotherham Titans    v    Nottingham Rugby

Round 21 – 7/8/9April 
Nottingham Rugby    v    London Welsh
Ealing Trailfinders    v    London Scottish
Bedford Blues        v    Yorkshire Carnegie
Richmond        v    Cornish Pirates
Doncaster Knights    v    Jersey Reds
London Irish        v    Rotherham Titans

Round 22 – 15 April 
Doncaster Knights    v    London Irish
Jersey Reds        v    Richmond
Cornish Pirates    v    Bedford Blues
Yorkshire Carnegie    v    Ealing Trailfinders
London Scottish    v    Nottingham Rugby
London Welsh        v    Rotherham Titans

Play off semi-final Leg 1 April 28 – May 1 (tbc)

Play off semi-final Leg 2 May 5-7 (tbc).

Greene King IPA Championship Final Leg 1 w/c May 13

Greene King IPA Championship Final Leg 2 w/c May 20 

NB: All kick-off times and match dates to be confirmed by the club. 


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