Game Changers Week Five – Creating Opportunities and Work Related Learning

12th February 2014

Week Five of Game Changers got the students thinking outside the box in terms of what future career path may best suit them.

The day started with something quite unexpected, an exercise involving an egg, before a consultant from career development specialists Talentino explored the personality traits of each individual.

Simon Bottomley, who has been coaching the kids throughout this year's programme, said: “We started with a team building, ingenuity exercise where the students had to build a structure which would allow an egg to be dropped from a height without smashing.

“They split into groups of five who had plastic cups, straw, sellotape, a plastic bag and some newspaper at their disposal.

“Each team applied themselves very well.

“It was all about being creative, listening to ideas and thinking outside the box to solve problems.”

He continued: “Talentino then looked at each individual’s personality traits to see what skills they have to move into the jobs market.

“The students filled out a questionnaire which was analysed and discussed.

“At the end of the session they worked on designing logos and brands which they feel best state who they are as individuals.”

This week the group were not so fortunate when it came to the weather conditions outside, which put paid to the afternoon rugby session.

Game Changers is a joint Deutsche Bank and London Scottish community-focused programme which combines education and rugby to make a real impact on young people's lives.

2014 is the second year of this initiative and over an eight-week period, 25 students most at risk of exclusion from school will use rugby as a vehicle to drive behavioural change through a comprehensive sports education programme.

Game Changers is part of Born to Be – the Deutsche Bank youth engagement programme which supports realising young people's potential, improving their academic achievement and raising their aspirations.

Talentino is a niche career development organisation working through Talentino Limited and their charity, the Talentino Foundation.


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