Game Changers – Week Four

05th February 2014

Sunshine greeted Game Changers students once again on Tuesday as week four of the programme took place at Richmond Athletic Ground.

This week began with a workshop on the 'Importance of Economic Wellbeing & Financial Capability', with a guest speaker from MyBnk teaching the kids how best to manage their money today and in the future.

Deutsche Bank volunteers worked with the 25 students to complete the workshop before helping coach a touch rugby session.

Simon Bottomley, who has been coaching the kids throughout this year’s programme, said: “It was potentially a pretty dry subject but the kids were fully engaged and it ended up being a really productive session.

“The speaker took them through what their budgets are and whether spending £150 on a pair of trainers, for example, could be better spent on three or four different things.

“They were given an imaginary character from Croydon and asked ‘if he wanted to buy an X-Box game, where could he save money to purchase this one off item?’

“It raised various questions on the origins of money and how it can be best spent.

“The speaker won them round and there were sensible discussions throughout.”

In the afternoon the squad took to the rugby field where the focus was on defensive shape.

Bottomley added: “We looked at how the defence can have an influence on an attacking team by getting them to commit more players to a ruck.

“The weather again was great and I am very excited about this group of players.

“They are a talented lot.”

Game Changers is a joint Deutsche Bank and London Scottish community-focused programme which combines education and rugby to make a real impact on young people's lives.

2014 is the second year of this initiative and over an eight-week period, 25 students most at risk of exclusion from school will use rugby as a vehicle to drive behavioural change through a comprehensive sports education programme.

Game Changers is part of Born to Be – the Deutsche Bank youth engagement programme which supports realising young people's potential, improving their academic achievement and raising their aspirations.

– MyBnk is a charity who deliver financial education and enterprise experiences directly to 11-25 years olds in schools and youth organisations.


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