Game Changers – Week One

15th January 2014

The start of Game Changers 2014 was greeted by bright sunshine yesterday afternoon (Tuesday January 15) as 25 boys from schools across the area arrived at Richmond Athletic Ground for day one of the eight week programme.

The opening day was very much a meet and greet session as pupils got to know one another and interact for the very first time.

“It is all about the boys learning to communicate, co-operate and work together as a part of a team,” Activate Sports representative Dan Gillespie explained yesterday.

“This morning, we worked out the rules, standards of behaviour and expectations of the group as a whole.

“They worked together to come up with those and we have written them down on a wall which means they have to abide by them and stick to them.”

The second part of the morning involved various team building exercises before an afternoon where the pupils took to the playings fields and were gently introduced to the game of rugby, some of the very first time. 


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