Isle of Wight U7s Tour

25th April 2018

Written by Head Coaches Mark Tweedie & Marko Nikolic

What an experience. Many congratulations to the triumphant LS Reds and Blues for coming back across the Solent with friendships cemented, club reputation enhanced, skills advanced and standing atop with 7 wins from 8. Marko and I were delighted with the etiquette and performances. I honestly don’t recall seeing a dropped ball today.

The charges are picking fabulous lines and backing themselves for speed and swerve. What is equally pleasing are the support lines being run and definite increase in defensive line discipline. There was one moment (against Beckenham or Alton when the reds were defending their line as if lives depended on it) and tags were flying like wedding confetti. Magnificent stuff!

For the reds my individual thoughts:

Harry: that try will live long in the memory. You showed the opposition a clean pair of heals and your carries gained 5-10 yards each time.

Henry Bartlett: some stunning in tournament lines of attack culminating in a glorious and audacious touchline try in the Reds v Blues.

Eddie: brave, indomitable and always encouraging the team. What happened in the scissors, paper stone in match 3? That was the only misstep all day?

Will: you carved the opposition like a butcher’s cleaver. Defensive work par excellence. Highest tag count of the day.

Arthur: your acceleration is rivalled only by a Tesla. From nought to twenty mph in under 3 seconds. Uncontainable when in gear.

Callum: what a shift. A battery that eclipses all contemporary smartphones. Great recovery from an ankle twist and some exceptional tries and tackles.

Well done all, thanks for a top weekend!

It was a stellar year for the boys, topped off with an incredible tournament on the Isle of Wight, and by this I mean that victory was never questionable in any of the games! The boys absorbed all the aspects of the game we practiced throughout the year and their reactions to any situation on the pitch almost became reflex. Not once did we pass forwards, we spread out and supported each other on attack, BUT our trademark has become the impermeability of our defence…rock solid and the boys would be truly disappointed when even those handful of tries managed to wiggle through. Passion, desire, focus were some of the qualities mentioned to me by opposition coaches. To quote one “we learnt a lot from you today and will need to step up our game a bit.”

Henry O was always keen to get in the midst of things. Lucas and Finn have read those opposing numbers like seasoned centers equally strong on attack and defence. Ted’s desire to score is second to none and has done so with a great discipline. Whatever Albie lacked in size, he made up in speed, surprising both opposition and spectators and scoring couple of tries! Luka becomes a different kid when in his defensive mode, being in the oppositions’ faces every time they touched the ball!

I am truly proud of the boys but more importantly I felt they loved every minute of it!!
We greatly missed some of the otherwise usual suspects on this tour – Conor, Cassin, Alexander, Zaid to name a few and really hope they make it next year!


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