Kids put through their paces at London Scottish Summer Rugby Camp

20th August 2013

This week London Scottish Community Development Officer Ross Peacock is taking charge of the club’s Summer Rugby Camp held at The Athletic Ground.

Ross stopped off during one of the sessions today (Tuesday) to give us an insight into how things were going.

“We have got kids down here from age six to sixteen,” he said.

“They have all got similes on their faces and the sun is out so I can't complain.

“We split the groups into two, younger groups and older groups. The younger group have been doing fun, tag evasion games and we have been drip feeding rugby into that. The older group have been doing more contact skills. We have novice players and regular club rugby players so we need to make sure they are all at the same level, having fun, enjoying rugby.”

So has he noticed a transformation in their skills since yesterday's first session. The answer was a resounding yes!

“There has been a huge difference,” Ross enthused. “We have got Cameron Leigh, one of our London Scottish Senior Academy players, coaching and we have been talking about how the skills are coming on and the players are developing.”

Throughout the three day camp the Club’s first team pro squad are training on an adjacent pitch. Six of the squad will take time out to help coach the kids tomorrow but the youngsters have already been watching the squad in action.

Ross said with a smile on his face: “Sometimes it can be a little bit distracting but we have taken them over to see what the first team are doing and I think they have learned a lot from that as well. Especially for the older kids it's good to have the senior boys out training.”

He continued: “We have seen an increase in numbers from every camp we have done. I ran four camps last season and I’m running four again this season. This is the first one of the 2013/14 season and we have one running on October, one in February and one in Easter. Hopefully we will see numbers continue to grow in those camps.”

For the full audio interview with Ross click here


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