London Scottish and Grey Court High School Roadshow

09th October 2012

Tuesday 2nd October 2012 saw the launch of a new initiative launched by the London Scottish Community Scheme. It was a fun, high activity afternoon at Grey Court High School, with the London Scottish squad holding a full training session on the school’s rugby pitch. Hundreds of kids gathered during their lunch hour to watch the players train, ahead of London Scottish’s home fixture against Cornish Pirates.

The day was concluded with a number of the players remaining at the school to deliver coaching for a select group of pupils at the school. Names such as Phil Godman, David Howells, Willie Lipp and Dan Mugford took to the pitch to share their rugby knowledge and experience with the kids through a number of coaching clinics, with the chance for the kids to show the coaches their talents and what they had learned throughout the day in a game situation to conclude the afternoon’s activity.

The pupils at Grey Court were then offered the opportunity to ask the players any questions they had in a Q&A session, as well as the opportunity to engage and interact with the players for any further questions or autographs that they wanted.

Stephen Willmore, Head of Physical Education at Grey Court High School said:
“The pupils enjoyed the road show immensely. It was fantastic for them to watch the 1st team players in action and to get a little insight into what life as a professional rugby player is like. It was then excellent to receive some professional coaching and input from these players. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for all involved.”
“The school/club link we have with London Scottish is developing all the time & is making real progress. Ross Peacock, Community Development Officer, has worked extremely hard setting up the road show initiative and we very much look forward to strengthening our partnership with London Scottish in the near future.”

Maggie Morrell, Manager of the Richmond School Sport Partnership said:
“It was fantastic to see the first team in action at Grey Court school and for the pupils to be able to access this opportunity. Having the players come into school gives real meaning to the school club link and has a positive effect on both the students and the players. I really look forward to expanding this initiative into other schools across the borough and would like to thank Ross and his team for continuing to offer such a high quality community programme.”

Director of Rugby at London Scottish, Simon Amor said:
“It is wonderful to take the guys out to different training venues in the community. It is fantastic to see the impact that they can have on so many young aspiring kids, on the back of such a great year for sport.
The boys thoroughly enjoy interacting with the kids in the local community. For a lot of them, it takes them back to where they were at that age.
The community scheme and new initiatives such as this are great for the club and I have my support 100%. Any of the successful clubs in the area, that have a community set up, will know that days like these are crucial for club development and their progression, both on & off the field.”

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