London Scottish Becomes O2 Touch Centre

05th June 2013

London Scottish and the RFU sign Touch Rugby agreement to grow the game

London Scottish has signed an agreement to become the official RFU O2 Touch Centre for the wider Richmond community in a RFU initiative to get more people to take up the game of touch rugby across the country.

The Touch Centre will run structured touch rugby coaching sessions and games, including social mixed and men’s leagues, throughout the summer and during the normal rugby season. It is for anyone who wants to play touch rugby, youth and adults, who would enjoy the fitness and social aspects of the game without the contact.

London Scottish Club Development Manager Corne du Rand: “This is a great initiative by the RFU to grow the game and for London Scottish to be part of it is great for the Club, for the local community and the game as a whole. With the 2015 Rugby World Cup just over two years away, interest in rugby will grow and a popular way for all to get involved is through the game of touch rugby. At London Scottish, we want to give people in the community a rugby activity to compliment our other sections in the club.”

You do not have to be part of the rugby club at London Scottish to turn up and play at the O2 Touch Centre. It will run on a pay-to-play system for everyone and it starts on Thursday 13th June. On Thursday 5th June, there will be a free taster session at Old Deer Park next to Pools in the Park, for which everyone is welcome. It starts at 18:00 and runs till 20:00.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, there is a level for you to start with including the TouchBase, TouchBase+ and TouchLeagues.

The O2 Touch Centre is managed by the RFU and the Red Lions Touch Rugby Club under LSFC and the Club Development Manager will oversee its operations while the Touch Manager will run the games and sessions.
Rates range from £3 to £5 per session, which is cheaper than most other lifestyle activities like gym classes, swimming and other similar games and leagues.

Coaching is also provided and the rules on how to play are very easy. Come along by yourself or get your friends and old team mates together and join us to play touch rugby at the O2 Touch Centre.

Find out more about the O2 Touch Centre here and sign up here.


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