London Scottish host community coaching session with Jason Leonard OBE

13th April 2011

London Scottish were proud to host a Wooden Spoon coaching initiative for a team of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, picked to play in the National School 7s tournament.

Rugby legend and World Cup winner Jason Leonard was on hand along with London Scottish Head Coach and Community Manager Lee Rust, to provide expert coaching during the team's preparations for the National Schools 7s tournament.

Youngsters were selected to play for the Wooden Spoon team based on the level to which they had applied themselves to their respective community projects. Jai Purewal, Spoon Community Project Development Director said, “Rather than 'a nice to have' opportunity this exercise was designed to reinforce the principles of the game that had been introduced to project participants. These young people, some of whom had never been to London were taken out of their comfort zone both on and off the field.”

Jason Leonard added: “The fact that these youngsters have come as far as being in a position to play in an event such as the National Schools 7s is great. Most of them had not picked up a rugby ball before working with Wooden Spoon so they certainly did have a tough challenge ahead of them in this tournament. But the point for me is not really about winning, it's more about showing they can work as a team and for their mates. The character they show and the experience they gain in facing this challenge together will help their personal development.”

This coaching scheme served to highlight the extent to which London Scottish's community projects have expanded beyond the traditional areas of Richmond and greater Surrey to encompass larger areas of the country and spread the Scottish gospel!  

For more information on London Scottish's community coaching, head to the London Scottish website or contact Community Manager Lee Rust.

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