London Scottish Name Team to Face Nottingham

19th April 2024

London Scottish have made just four changes to the matchday 23 that ran out victorious against Cambridge a week ago. Cassius Cleaves and Robbie McCallum come into the starting side with the latter completing his recovery from injury to return in the centres.

Elsewhere Will Hobson, Jack Musk and Tom Osborne will all start this week with Hobson returning from injury whilst Musk and Osborne promoted from the bench. Marijn Huis will also start in the second row as Bailey Ransom moves to the back row and Zach Carr will come onto the bench.

London Scottish will be on the charge for a third successive win after victories over Cambridge and Hartpury in recent weeks. With Nottingham one place ahead of them in the table, the Exiles will see this as a great opportunity to begin to close the gap.

London Scottish Team to Face Nottingham

  1. Tom Osborne
  2. Jack Musk
  3. Will Hobson
  4. Matt Wilkinson
  5. Marijn Huis
  6. Bailey Ransom (cc)
  7. Jack Ingall
  8. Tom Marshall
  9. Dan Nutton (cc)
  10. Harry Sheppard
  11. Cassius Cleaves
  12. Robbie McCallum
  13. Bryn Bradley
  14. Will Talbot-Davies
  15. Will Brown


  1. Will Prior
  2. George Cave
  3. Rhys Charlambous
  4. Zach Carr
  5. Austin Wallis
  6. Jonny Law
  7. Alec Lloyd-Seed
  8. Noah Ferdinand

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