London Scottish One Club in full flow around South West London

17th July 2019

The London Scottish ‘One Club’ philosophy is ever-growing and last night’s event at St Stephen’s School is further evidence to that!

Last night four more of the 1st XV helped the Minis & Juniors in their recruitment drive ahead of next season as they turned up at St Stephens School in Twickenham to help marshall and command the Cairnhill Structures Passing Cage. New Signings Alex Toolis, Shek Sheriff, Ryan Eveleigh joined Matas Jurevicius to give their support to the rest of the Club as children at the fair tried to pass 5 balls through the gaps to gain a high score.

Last night the boys helped raise £135 for the Twickenham-based school as well as around 20 new boys and girls who signed up for the Minis and Junior section. The work being done by the volunteers in the Mini and Junior sections really is second to none with too many names deserving credit for the tireless work they are putting in.

Last night’s efforts were just one of the many fairs and fetes which London Scottish have been present at this summer. The Scots have been all over South-West London at schools and town fairs, spreading the word about our fantastic club and trying to get some new players to come down to the RAG on a Sunday and give rugby a shot.

We will be continuing our recruitment drive throughout the summer. Click this link – to see where else we will be over the coming weeks.

It is not only the Minis and Juniors who are benefitting from the Club’s proactive presence in the community, the London Scottish Touch side are also experiencing record numbers down to training. Every facet of the Club is on the rise and it is brilliant to see people wanting to join London Scottish!

A massive thank you must go to all the people who are helping to drive the One Club philosophy, right from the 1st XV to the Minis and Juniors, everyone is mucking in to deliver some great rugby experiences and have London Scottish at the heart of rugby in South West London.

The highlight of last night at St Stephen’s School was probably the children who were turning up in their London Scottish kit, proud of the Club they play for! Hopefully after the work this summer, there’ll be plenty more proud London Scots come September when training restarts.



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