London Scottish partner with HeadStart Volunteering Programme

28th October 2016

London Scottish have joined forces with HeadStart, a volunteering programme which helps young people connect with their local communities.

What is HeadStart?

HeadStart is a volunteering programme delivered in partnership with the Mayor of London. Since 2013, we have supported 3,000 young people to connect with their communities and build their employability skills. We achieve this by supporting young people to volunteer at least 16 hours in return for skills workshops, networking events and a guaranteed interview for a paid employment opportunity with a leading employer including Starbucks, New Look, Lloyds Banking, Berkeley, Zen Desk and City Hall. HeadStart currently operates in London, Birmingham and Manchester. In 2016 we are looking to reach 100,000 hours of volunteering and make a huge impact in the local communities we work in. 
Our Partnership:

At HeadStart we aim to advertise a broad range of volunteering opportunities for our young people by partnering with local charities. We really value a charity partner who can provide an environment where young people learn, develop key skills and mix with a range of different people. This is why we are really excited to be partnered with London Scottish for the first time in 2016. London Scottish supports our young people to get involved in their coaching programmes, integrate with people from different backgrounds and ages and exposes them to a new environment and experience. They provide a fantastic opportunity to develop a range of important skills, such as leadership, communication, teaching and facilitation. Many of our young people would not know how to organise volunteering independently so would not typically access this type of experience. We are very grateful to London Scottish for supporting HeadStart and our volunteers; we look forward to seeing their progression on their placement. '

London Scottish have 10 volunteers from HeadStart helping with the amateur side of the club on Sunday morning, helping with mini's training from 9.30-11.30am. Four of them are doing their first lot of volunteer hours this weekend at the London Irish game, and  will be helping specifically with the Guard of Honour and the half time matches.


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