London Scottish team up with GSK Performance Lab

13th January 2014

This season London Scottish has teamed up with the GSK Human Performance Lab, a world class science facility focused on applied and discovery research, combining GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) science expertise, external advisors and cutting edge technology to deepen understanding of human performance.

The GSK Human Performance Lab works in partnership with individuals and organisations committed to elite human performance – professional athletes, sports National Governing Bodies, teams, military personal and explorers – to better understand how the body and brain function.

The research carried out helps GSK Human Performance Lab scientists develop improved training, recovery, nutrition and competition programmes with its partners, enabling them to break through the limits of human performance.

Our First XV squad have already undertaken a series of in-depth screening and tests at the facility to help improve their performance.

The partnership has been a key component to the team’s success so far this season according to London Scottish Head of Strength and Conditioning Tim Harper.

He said: “The GSK Human Performance Lab provides us the facilities, expert practitioner and sports science support to really get to grips with some in-depth performance testing of the players on a regular basis both during the season and in pre-season.

“This detailed data is used to both monitor each player over the season and find out what is and what isn’t working for that particular individual.

“With the assistance of the facility’s industry leading practitioners, we are able to adapt, modify and tailor our day-to-day training programme to get the very best out of each and every one of our squad.

“The second strand of the partnership is the exciting opportunity to develop and run research studies in conjunction with the team to test cutting edge nutritional-support products, new and exciting training protocols and novel recovery strategies.

“With our players providing the testing pool for these, it really helps us remain at the very forefront of sports science support for athletes.”

He added: “Above all else, the players genuinely enjoy their regular visits to the facility and with so much data being fed back to the squad, the GSK Human Performance Lab’s support has helped foster the ultra-competitive training environment we are looking to create here at London Scottish.”

Mark Langley, General Manager at the GSK Human Performance Lab, said: “We have established a great working relationship with London Scottish and have already been able to collaborate on a variety of mutually beneficial initiatives.

“We will be working with some major national sporting bodies as well as Premiership Rugby and Football Clubs and it’s great to be able to support a local team and see them performing well.”

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