London Scottish to take on Kings Cross Steelers

13th April 2018

London Scottish and the Kings Cross Steelers, London’s influential and fully inclusive rugby side, will go head to head at the Richmond Athletic Ground on Thursday 24th May 2018.

London Scottish will be the first of London’s premier rugby union sides to face the Steelers who usually play their fixtures in Essex League 1.

This is a unique opportunity for both clubs. Firstly, it is a great warm up for the Stealers who are currently preparing for the Bingham Cup in June. The Bingham Cup is the World Championships of gay and inclusive men’s and women’s rugby union, held in Amsterdam. Further it is a great excuse for London Scottish supporters to converge at the Athletic Ground again after the season has concluded, watch some good rugby and share some beers towards the back end of the working week.

London Scottish also feel very passionately about inclusivity. Rugby is a sport for all and your sexual orientation should not decide whether you take up this great game. London Scottish’s involvement in this fixture is a clear statement of intent from Scottish that they fully support inclusivity and are at the forefront of the backing of the LGBT community.

London Scottish Chairman Malcolm Offord said this of the special fixture. “This is a landmark game for both London Scottish and the Kings Cross Steelers. We are really looking forward to hosting the Stealers and playing our part in their preparations for the Bingham Cup.”

Tickets will be available on the door on the evening, kick off will be 19:45pm and entrance to the game will be free, although we will welcome any generous donations in support of the Steelers’ Bingham Cup campaign.


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