London Scottish U18 20 – 19 Barnet Elizabethans

04th October 2012

Due to a lack of numbers on both sides, the match was played with 13 each side.

Scottish made a couple of poor decisions running the ball from their own 22, becoming isolated, turned over and the opposition taking advantage and scoring three times. Despite the deficit, the boy’s heads never went down but were unable to convert their efforts into points.

At the break TeeJay came on and Nellis brought to scrum half Adam. This made a great effect on the game with a try from TeeJay early in the second half as a result the whole team upped their game. The opposition managed to run in an interception against the run of play but Scottish stuck to the game plan taking victory with tries from Phillipp, the new addition to the squad, Keith and another from TeeJay.

The final score was 20-19 with a fantastic performance in the second half showing great determination and cohesion.


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