Notice the Difference? Our new website is now live

29th September 2017

We are thrilled to have finally launched our new website.

Over the last few months the team in the Richmond Office have been working tirelessly with Sotic, our website provider, to deliver a streamlined, more effective platform for all levels at London Scottish.

The vision for the new website is that countless pieces of information have become more succinct and easier to follow. Everything has become easier on the site, whether people are looking for the junior fixtures or they are trying to find the latest news about a Community Camp, we want to make that process as simple was possible.

Everyone involved at London Scottish will have a role to play in keeping the website updated and a useful for hub for all members of the London Scottish community.

The website is by no means a finished article yet and we are constantly discovering small tweaks after the relaunch. There will be some minor changes consistently happening over the coming weeks but then layout and format of the website will be remaining the same.

We encourage all members and website users to have an explore of the new site and become familiar with it. The usability has been much improved by Sotic, so using the website on a smartphone has become more efficient.

If you have any feedback or comments about the new website, we would love t0 hear them!

Please send your comments through to

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