Report: U12 tour to Modena

30th May 2018

Written by Pietro Crescini

What goes on tour stays on tour” is the mantra of any rugby tour, that is what the rugby book says. But we can’t keep it quiet this time around! We must shout to the world what a great tour we had in Modena with our Under 12 team!

Saturday was an early start for the boys and the tourists, 55 in total. The afternoon went swiftly with a visit to the Ferrari museum, where a few naughty parents were told off by the security guards for touching the priceless cars. Kids were much more interested in driving in the F1 simulators, while dads were disappointed not be able to fit in the real size driving cockpits.

The evening was lovely with an al fresco dining in the very welcoming Modena rugby clubhouse. 

The food was homemade as in any typical Italian family, London Scottish were now part of that family, the extended family we have with Modena rugby. 

Early Sunday morning our team was reactive and it was soon good competitive rugby. The level of rugby played was of a very high standard and after six matches, where all our boys shone, we finished mid table. 

The major difficulty encountered by our boys was of course the adverse weather conditions: 30 degrees of sunshine!! These were unprecedented and untested playing conditions for our boys, who have never seen the sun while training in London.

Scottish’s participation was so well received that the local newspaper featured an article on our team and the accompanying parents swept all copies from the city’s newsagents to frame the article at home and to give away at Christmas to all relatives. You have been warned.

The U6 team of Fiumicino were very interested in engaging in conversation with the Scottish U12s, the language was a strong barrier and the two teams settled communicating with dancing and laughing together. Rugby is beyond barriers.

The organisation of Modena Rugby Club was second to none, everything ran smoothly and everyone, whether a volunteer, a player or a parent had a cracking day. 

Modena was a warm host and London Scottish had a truly memorable experience.

Our team also had the opportunity to spend time with a familiar face from the RAG, Derrick Appiah. Derrick spent time with us and led the team in an impromptu and heartfelt “Two, three, Scottish” chant during a break between matches.

Sunday evening pizza and pasta on the menu, adults sipped a few beers while sitting down, just a few.

Monday saw the group going for a stroll in beautiful Modena with the afternoon ending the tour with a visit to the nearby Lamborghini museum. 

We look forward to fundraising for next year tour having the ambition to extend our presence with 2 age groups.

Ciao Modena, grazie di cuore.

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