Silverware for the Under 13s

02nd April 2019

Report written by Kerry Eley

On Mothering Sunday, London Scottish Under 13s played in a 5 Nations tournament featuring 10-aside, ten minute each way games. The previous day’s sunshine had gone and a brisk wind blew reminding us that it was still March.

In the first game against Barnes, Callum H got us underway quickly to a 1-0 start but Barnes played wide and equalised quickly. Then on a restart which LS almost missed, Barnes got another try for a 2-1 lead at half time. Scottish then picked up their rucking early in the second half and we were back on level terms 2 tries apiece. Just as in the first half though we missed the restart and Barnes were up 3-2. A series of driving runs through Barnes’ firm tackling from Mark DS and Lucas L put Sam in position to get over the line. Time was pressing but a last minute moment of inspiration from Max M took us to 4-3 lead and a win at the final whistle.

Game two saw us play London French to the sound of Charles Aznavour from the sound system. Clearly inspired, London French were up 0-3 in quick fashion but we were not giving in and Josh F and Arthur dS put us on better terms despite a bit of confusion as to where the try line actually was!! In the second half Alex K and Josh G worked well together and brought us level. In a repeat of the first game, we pressed on until the final minute to get Josh G over the line for his second try and our second win. 4-3.

Game three against London Welsh was our third game in quick succession but we were on a roll. Against the initial run of play, Matt T picked off a ball from a Welsh kick and Callum H sprinted up the field for a 1-0 lead. We didn’t need another tight game so good play and fine passing through the middle of our backline saw Josh G and James J take us to 3-0. Plans went briefly awry with a fumbled tackle for Welsh to score, making it 3-1, but Josh F quickly pulled one back. A fantastic intercept from Max T saw another followed by Callum H. Not to be outdone, London Welsh took one of their own for 6-2 at half time. In the second half Welsh were more determined getting one back quickly but by now we could sense a victory with Alex K and Josh G putting in two more tries for a final score of 8-3.

With London Welsh 2 giving us a bye in the last game that was it and we emerged victors in our age group coming away with our first trophy.


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