Strong Henley See Off Highlanders

02nd December 2014

Highlanders arrived nice and early for their league fixture against a strong Henley side on Saturday.

Preparation went well before the game and the Highlanders were ready for a very physical match.

From the offset both teams were very strong and physical from what was predicted all week but Henley took advantage from a penalty conceded by the Highlanders in their 22 and kicked for the corner, winning the line out with a well driven maul over the line for the first try of the game. Henley 5 – 0 Highlanders.

From the restart Henley had the lions share of the ball but, trying to batter their way through the strong defensive line of the Highlanders, they had no joy.

Jason Wycherley, the fly-half, made great distance with the boot finding touch but unfortunately the Highlanders come up short losing the line-out, which then the Highlanders found themselves in their own 22 from a strong attack from Henley.

Conrad Edgar made a bone shuddering tackle putting his body on the line stopping Henley's attack but regrettably fracturing his ankle.

This string of back luck continued to haunt David Box and Corné du Rand's team as they would to be forced to have four centre partnerships throughout the game.

The first half would see both sides showing their physical prowess and battling head to head with both sides being immensely tough on one another and would see huge hits from the Highlanders Conrad Edgar, Sam Nixon, Cameron Leigh, Maurice Nwakor but to name just a few and failing to mention the agility and grace of Daley Aremu's 30 plus meter run through a strong Henley defence which nearly ended in a try.

First half ended 13-3 to Henley.

The second half would see the Highlanders start very strong from the kick off with London Scottish retaining the ball with Clarke Smith snatching the ball from the air and driving well from the offset.

The Highlanders would set up a ruck just outside Henley's 22 and Cameron Leigh broke off and ran through the middle confusing everyone and making yards.

Henley turned over the ball making their way back in to the Highlander territory with more big hits being exchanged and two yellow cards being evenly distributed between both teams for casual errors.

The last 20 minutes in the second half would see Henley get on the better side of the score board but not without the Highlanders making them work for every score and inch of territory.

Yet another physical half would see players like Tom Richards, Charlie Currie, Maurice Nwakor, Sam Nixon, Clarke Smith and Cameron Leigh making huge hits and showing physical dominance.

The game would end 34 – 3 to Henley.


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