The American Friends of London Scottish

11th December 2013

Scots have travelled to and settled in many parts of the world but have always retained an instinctive love for their heritage and institutions.

London Scottish Football Club has been and continues to be, a favourite destination for rugby loving Scots living and making their way in or near London.

We are known as ‘The Exiles’ and we attract the interest and support of many overseas Scots.

Surrounded by the might of English rugby on all sides, we need the support of Exiled Scots where ever they may be, to generate the resources necessary to compete at the top level of professional rugby.

No group of Exiles are more passionate and supportive of their heritage than the estimated 14 million American Scots.

This combined with America’s deep love of sport has inspired London Scottish to conceive a special new membership category – The American Friends of London Scottish.

When fully launched in 2014, this will provide a membership route so American Scots can connect directly with London Scottish and become part of this Club’s great comeback journey.

London Scottish hopes that through social networking and direct contact, we can build a formidable ‘Tartan Army’ of supporters across the United States.

Please watch for exciting developments coming in the New Year.

In the meantime, get to know us and watch our progress at

Please let your friends know what is happening and get ready to make this the internet phenomenon of 2014!

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