The Red Lions Touch Rugby Club Summer Dates

03rd June 2015

The Red Lions Touch Rugby Club at London Scottish has entered its second year.

During this time we have consolidated our power base, with 60 players now involved and a strong core of 25 very active one. 

We strongly believe and adhere to the RFU's grassroots rugby core values:

Participate – Establish quality coaching, playing and competitive opportunities to take part in rugby.

Develop – Develop players “be their best” through the sharing of expertise and the creation of resources. 

Excel – Provide opportunities to nurture and develop talent within the game.

At London Scottish touch rugby is an important part of rugby development, a chance for total novices to have a taste of the game and more experienced ones to stay fit adding an extra training opportunity in a mix environment. 

As part of the second phase of the project we are introducing a yearly membership scheme and a 'pay to play' system.

It is always a daunting task to ask for a contribution from players, however the membership and the 'pay to play' system are pivotal on helping us to plan ahead for the future and create a sense of 'belonging' for the one involved.

Applications are gradually coming in and membership cards will be issued. 

With the rugby season over we are witnessing a flourishing of touch and tag rugby activities.

Rugby clubs are using the off season to develop grassroots rugby and deliver community projects essential to the development of the sport for future generations. 

London Scottish has been in discussion since March with neighbouring rugby clubs to explore the possibility to start a Summer Touch Rugby League.

It hasn't been a simple task – bringing together clubs that already run a touch rugby program is easier said than done. 

We decided to create something new instead of partnering with existing projects flourishing around Surrey, Middlesex and the Greater London area, allowing us to share experiences with our neighbours and plan for the future, introduce beginners to rugby, improve our understanding of the general rules of touch, and… why not, creating new friendships in a fun, mixed and safe environment. 

Thanks to Ross Peacock, Community Development Manager at London Scottish, this dialogue is finally bringing the results we all expected.   

We have partnered with our friends from Grasshoppers, Wasps and Teddington and started the league fixtures in the first week of June.

This is a trial friendly league competition that will involve a home and away game for each club on a rotating pattern until the third week of July. 

If the fixtures are successful we are already exploring the possibility to have a second round after the August break.

To add a little more excitement the Red Lions will take part in tournaments over the Summer; our first commitment will be the Teddington Summer Touch Festival on Saturday June 13th; an intense day for the attending 12 players squad, enrolled in the Mixed Division and playing against BP, Chobham, Feltham, Grasshoppers, Guildfordians (x2), Nailsea & Backwell, Old Emanuel, Teddington (x2). 

The all day event will be followed by a BBQ, live music and entertainment and a welcome bar for the joy of very thirsty players.

We have a list of Rugby Recruitment Fairs to attend with the Community Development Team, so a good opportunity to further develop the touch rugby project and increase attendance.

Here some dates:

1.     Twick Riverside Festival (Dragon Boat Races) Saturday 13 June & Sunday 14 June 2015 

2.    Twickenham Riverside Festival (Tug of War, date TBC)

3.    Kew Fete – Saturday 20 June 2015 

4.    Mortlake Recruitment Fair -Saturday 27 June 2015

5.    St Margaret's Recruitment Fair – Saturday 11 July 2015

6.    Find My Sport Recruitment Fair – Sunday 12 July 2015

All in all a very busy summer for us. Plenty of activities and opportunities to showcase our development so far.

We are proud to be part of a Club that support us and our development and we hope to see our numbers increase even further in the future.

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