U12s take London Welsh festival by storm

15th November 2011

Team work was rewarded today as the London Scottish Under 12s won the London Welsh B’s midi festival for 2011.

A draw at a try each with hosts London Welsh made for a low key but promising start. Scottish had opened the account with some fluid back play whilst the forwards delivered a force well above their weight. Although London Welsh equalised the solid defence by both our forwards and backs was a hint of what was to come later.

Next up were visiting side Llanishen who were highly fancied for the title. A much tougher opposition but again Scottish opened the account. Llanishen's massive pack hurled themselves against us in a sustained counter attack that pinned the Scottish right against their try line.

Scottish gave a lesson in both skill and commitment in defence. Repeated attempts to punch through were met time and again by resolute tackling and close defensive play. Attempts at wider attack were also snuffed out.

The Scottish victory with the only try of the match clearly surprised and dismayed the visitors. But there was more to come. The Scottish policy of 'everyone gets a game' was paying off and all bar three of our squad that day had seen action on the field. Those three wouldn't wait long to play their part.

Salisbury provided Scottish with the fastest try of their season as their kick off was caught neatly by our fullback. He then romped through the opposition to deliver the ball safely to ground over the Salisbury try line. Sensing the dented morale of the opposition Scottish again gathered in the kick off and moved swiftly up the field in good order. Good organisation and swift, accurate passing tore the Salisbury defence apart and secured another try. Further tries were gained in the close of the second half as bold running by backs and forwards pushed the demoralised defenders aside.

London Welsh were also having a good campaign and had also secured two victories after drawing their game with us. They were due to face the tough test of Llanishen.

Bank of England, our final opponents, now stood between London Scottish and a possible tournament victory. Another bold start by Scottish took the game into Bank of England's half. Their confidence showed in stylish snappy passing using the full width of the pitch and releasing incisive runs from both wingers.

An emphatic third victory for Scottish against Bank of England became a series winning game as London Welsh foundered against the formidable Llanishen.

Congratulations to the whole U12 squad. Every member played in at least two games. They all showed unswerving commitment to the tackle and a team spirit that provided both superb defence and a thrilling and stylish wide passing rugby.

Scores: 3 wins, 1 draw
vs London Welsh. 1-1
vs Llanishen. 1-0
vs Salisbury. 4-0
vs Bank of England 4-0

Scorers: Johnny Brydon 3; Alfie Downing 2; Hamish Whitear 2; Richard Anderson 1: Stan Humphry 1; Huw Thomson 1;


Ollie Steafel
Charlie Parfitt
Andrew Conder
Stan Humphry
Harry Giles
George Bothamley
Alex Duggan
Hamish McElvennie

Johnny Brydon
Alfie Downing
Hamish Whitear
Hue Thomson
Luke Dudley
Daniel Joseph
Arseny Dobudko
Richard Anderson
Max Holder
Georgia Blades
Harry Sarginson-Bloom

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