Under-13s rack up 12 tries against Twickenham

15th March 2015

Where the Scottish national team failed the previous day, the U13 exile team put in an all-round comprehensive performance beating Twickenham with 12 unanswered tries today (Sunday).

Thomas scored four and Seth followed up his previous week’s performance with another hat-trick.

It was the manner of the victory which was more comforting than the margin; this was a whole-team performance. 

The forwards played their part in winning line-outs, tackling well and protecting the ball well in the rucks.

The back row (Eli, George and Kyril) continued to pressure the opposition putting in good tackles, allowing Twickenham no time to build momentum.

With ball in-hand Thomas reprised his role from previous matches running direct lines – once he is in his stride he is very difficult to stop and as a result crossed the line four times.

The backs, taking advantage of a lot of possession, ran good straight lines, supported the ball carrier well and made many line breaks.

The handling was the best seen this season with ball passing through all the backs’ hands over a number of phases.

The speed and width of the backs positioning was the key to a number of the backs’ tries from Seth (3), Cameron, Will (2) and Konrad.

In the first half there was a steady flow of tries with Jacob opening the scoring after five minutes.

By half-time Scottish had scored seven tries with all but one converted by Ted.

League rules mean a team can only win by 45-0, however, having racked up a 47-0 lead at half time Twickenham agreed to play on in the second half.

In the second half, with replacements on the pitch, the team kept up the pressure and momentum, although at times the play became broken up and scrappy.

Twickenham had more of the ball in the second half but each time was closed down by the backs ensuring that none of their runners could break free.

Scottish scored a further five tries which were all converted by Ted and Rocco.

The final league game is against Chess Valley next week who have had some equally impressive results.


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