Under 8s impress again

20th October 2015

The RWC 2015 quarter final weekend will go down as one of the finest in rugby history. Wales were magnificent but just fell short; the All Blacks were breathtaking; the Irish were stunned and the mighty and brave Scottish were denied victory in the cruelest of ways in what was arguably the greatest ever game of rugby. Therefore, the London Scottish U8s had a lot to live up to, and Sunday’s practice did not disappoint.

With a new version of bulldog introduced this week, it gave some of the rookies a chance to shine, and shine they did. Otto, making his debut showed a great turn of pace and shifty footwork to pull of an unbelievable victory. However, surely the star of bulldog was Daniel, who was passed the ball and faced a wall of 20 London Scottish defenders, Daniel – fearless and brave – attacked the wall of invincibility and almost got through.
As the team has shown incredible progress over the last couple of weeks, we introduced 2 vs. 1 – this was a roaring success! With only two rules: 1.You have to stay within the permitted boundaries. 2.You have to stay within the laws of rugby (i.e. pass backwards etc.)
With an emphasis of passing before you got tackled and also trying to get the players to think for themselves and trying to solve issues often faced on the rugby field, we saw some truly innovative play, with Caleb showing Messi esque footballing skills by chipping the ball over the defender only to catch the ball and score the try of the season. We also had some remarkable defending from both Oscar, who would take home the player of the game and Campbell showing they really are some of the finest all round players in the country!
Finishing with the traditional matches, last week’s player of day Luca was in mercurial form once again. However, the tackle machine that is Amaury was at the top of his game taking home the player of the game award.
Other notable mentions were Elizabeth who picked up her belated player of the game from her stand out performance against London Wasps a few weeks ago and backed up that performance with another strong showing at this weeks practice.
Next weeks practice is on the eve of the second RWC 2015 semi-final and the way the London Scottish U8s are playing, do not be surprised if you see a few of them playing in the RWC 2027.
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