Under-9s Defeat Wasps Counterparts

29th January 2015

Last Sunday London Scottish under-9s hosted Wasps at home and had a great time.

First we played British Bulldog then we played loads of other fun games before getting down to some passing, running and catching practice.

Some groups played tag with the rugby ball as well.

Then it was down to the serious business – the matches!

We split into two teams and played two games.

It was hard, Wasps were a great team, fierce and strong.

We played hard as well because we wanted to win.

After our match was finished we waited for the scores of the other match and we were amazed when we won the contest overall.

Then the coaches gave out two awards.

I got awarded the star player trophy.

After a perfect result, I was so happy to receive this trophy!

I’m definitely coming back to London Scottish next week! 

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