Volunteer Vacancy – Match Day 5th Official

02nd August 2017

A vacancy (voluntary) has arisen at the club to assist with home match days at the Athletic Ground.

This is the role of Fifth Official, who will work with the other RFU-appointed match officials on the day and will be under the guidance of the London Scottish Team Manager and Assistant.

The role requires attention to detail along with accuracy and neat handwriting as well as an ability to work under pressure. The successful applicant will be required to be at the ground at least one hour before Kick-Off.

Please bear in mind that most of our home matches this season kick off at 3:00pm on a Saturday, but some do at 2:00pm and some again on Friday evenings at 7:45pm.
The detailed role of the 5th Official is described in the RFU Championship Regulation 7.2 – (b) Each Home Club shall provide a nominated Fifth Official for each match who shall work under the direction of the Referee.
The Fifth Official will:

  • (i)Ensure that he is introduced to the other Match Officials;
  • (ii)Work alongside and under the authority of the other Match Officials and be responsible for the administration of ALL substitutions and replacements (blood or otherwise).
  • (iii)Under the direction of the Fourth Official:  
  • Be responsible for logging all such movements, noting the names, reason and time of substitution on the Match Result Sheet. He is also responsible for ensuring the correct nomination of front row replacements, and informing the referee of their identities at least 45 minutes prior to kick-off.  
  • Be responsible in conjunction with the Referee and an official of the visiting team for accurately completing the Match Result Sheet and obtaining the necessary signatures. Copies of the Match Result Sheets should be retained by the home Clubs until the end of the season to which they apply in case reference is needed in the future.
  • Be responsible for monitoring the time penalty for a player sent to the sin-bin. He will ensure that the suspended player remains in the designated area, separate from the replacements bench, until the full time penalty has elapsed. The Fourth Official will then notify the referee via an Assistant Referee that the player can rejoin the game.
  • (iv)At all times during the match be readily available at the pitch side. He must not sit in the stand nor leave the pitch-side during the match; and
  • (v)Not combine his/her role as Fifth Official with any other formal role during the match e.g. also acting as a Team Manager.

If you are interested in the role, please email by Friday 18th August outlining what qualities and attributes you would bring to the role.


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