Winner Takes All? : Barking v London Scottish

03rd May 2011

Following last weekend’s results, the promotion situation at the top of National League 1 has become slightly clearer. As all London Scottish supporters should be aware by now, the final league game of the season will be away at Barking this Saturday. However, Barking have one more league game at Macclesfield the following weekend.

A full match preview of the Barking v London Scottish match will be on the website later in the week. However, in order to attempt to clear up the various points permutations that may occur on Saturday and what they mean for either team’s promotion prospects, please see below:

London Scottish currently have 128 points, with Barking 3 behind on 125, Scottish having scored 941 points to Barking’s 793.

League rules state that “”If two or more Clubs have the same number of League points at the end of the season the final league positions shall be determined firstly by the number of wins achieved and then on the basis of match points scored”

Scottish currently have 26 wins to Barking’s 27, meaning that in the event of Scottish beating Barking, but Barking beating Macclesfield and the two teams finishing finishing level on points, Barking would be promoted. The breakdown of points available, and the outcomes that would result are as follows:

5 points gained for London Scottish – 0 for Barking, Scottish are promoted

5-1, Scottish are promoted

5-2, Scottish are promoted

4-1, Scottish are promoted

4-0, Scottish are promoted

4-2, Barking need 5 points from the Macclesfield game and are therefore promoted having won more games.

In the event of a draw, Barking would then need to beat Macclesfield to be promoted.

If Barking win and do not allow Scottish to gain two losing bonus points they will be promoted. If Scottish do manage to gain two points in a losing effort, Barking will need to get a point from the Macclesfield game to guarantee promotion.

There is no doubt that the game on Saturday will see one of the biggest crowds of the season, and it is arguably one of the most important matches of Scottish’s recent existence. For all of the build up to the game, and for any information required keep checking   


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